Discover the Business Building Secrets of Global Powerhouse Women Entrepreneurs


These awesome female founders pitched themselves and their companies to secure funding to grow their businesses and tackle the world’s to do list.


You are going to hear their rock star start up stories, trials and tribulations as well as success strategies. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and these women share practical, actionable tips on leadership, financial matters and creating change in the world!


With my podcast, Young Money with Tracey Bissett, the advice show for  millionaires in the making, I have had the privilege of interviewing these fantastic global women entrepreneurs who started SheEO funded ventures.

Discover the #1 money making skill of these high performing female founders – listen now! 


I like to put my money in things I believe in and I’m a passionate supporter of SheEO! I have had the privilege of being a Canadian activator (aka investor) in women led businesses over the last 5 years.

SheEO in Canada has reached perpetual fund status so Canadian female founders will now be supported forever from this fund. It’s incredible to think about what has been created since launching in 2015!

Worldwide highlights:

  • Activators and Ventures now in Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand & UK
  • 5,000+ Activators aka investors (You can be one too – click here to find out how)
  • $5,000,000+ in Activator loans
  • 73+ women-led ventures funded (You can be one too – click here to find out how)
  • 100% working on the UN SDGs

Discover the #1 money making skill of these high performing female founders – listen now!


Biz Money Mistakes Masterclass

These Global Powerhouse Women Entrepreneurs share their mistakes and triumphs, with cash flow and how critical it is in your business a key theme across these interviews. I love talking about cash flow and teaching entrepreneurs how to manage it.

These episodes of Young Money featuring fantastic female entrepreneurs are sponsored by the masterclass “Biz Money Mistakes Masterclass – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid and How to Take Control of Your Business”

This training has been specifically designed for entrepreneurs with sales in the 6 to 7 figure range who want to proactively change the way they are handling their money  matters. If you are woman in biz with sales at these levels and want to make informed, powerful money decisions, you do not want to miss this important masterclass.

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