This is the stuff you millionaires in the making need to know to kick start or propel you on your financial fitness journey. Tracey Bissett, Founder of Bissett Financial Fitness and award winning Financial Literacy Champion, gives you the straight goods each week to set yourself up for financial success. As a former executive at TD Bank, one of Canada’s Big 5 Banks, Tracey has worked with and in support of thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs to secure the financing they needed. This hands on experience combined with her formal financial education, Masters of Business Administration and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, position Tracey uniquely to coach all things money. Tracey goes behind-the-scenes of all the money matters with need-to-know tips, money-making demystified, and special power-player interviews. Join us weekly for Financial Fitness Training that will turn even a Cash Couch Potato into a Marathon Money Maker.

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EP246 Love, Money and Divorce with Eva Sachs

Eva Sachs is a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who is a recognized expert in financial planning in divorce. She is also an author and a team member at Love and Money, a resource for modern marriage contracts that helps protect the romance by taking care of the finance. In this episode, Eva shares the things that everyone should be considering as they’re entering in a relationship, including the critical conversations they need

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EP245 Young Money Listener Appreciation

Financial fitness (aka financial literacy) is a fundamental life skill.  It’s not about knowing everything – it’s about taking those small imperfect actions that increase your foundation of financial knowledge so you can navigate your life, personally and professionally, with confidence. To me that means being comfortable asking questions, following up if you don’t understand something, being kind to yourself when you make a mistake, and approaching things from a mindset of abundance. In this episode, I want to celebrate

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EP244 Financial Curiosity with Elke Rubach

Everyone experiences their own set of issues, and while they’re not all related to finances, eliminating financial issues can provide more clarity in other areas of your life. No one knows this better than our guest today, Elke Rubach. Elke is a sought-after speaker on wealth management, estate planning, and philanthropy, as well as the founder of Rubach Wealth. In this episode, she will be sharing her practice’s unique holistic approach to helping her clients with their needs. Listen in

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EP243 Money Myths

We often tell ourselves stories to excuse the wrong-doings that we allow to happen in our finances. These limiting beliefs that we have, or excuses we create, can end up hurting our financial situation long-term if we don’t shift our mindset. So, how can we avoid falling into these traps? In this episode, I will be sharing the most common money myths that I see and explaining what you can do if you believe any of them to be true.

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EP242 Home Maintenance 101

This time of year, spring cleaning is in full force, and it’s a great time to be thinking about home maintenance. Now, I’m not talking about property taxes, utilities, and all of the regular bills that come with owning a home. I am speaking specifically about the costs to keep our homes in good working order. In this episode, I’ll be sharing several things I did to maintain my home recently to hopefully inspire you to make a list of

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EP241 Are You Ready for Prosperity?

We all have different motivators for wanting money. For some, it’s the freedom to have the things they truly want; for others, it’s not having to worry about paying bills or the ability to donate to charities. Our views around money form at a young age, and it is this money mindset that then carries out the way we perceive and desire money throughout the remainder of our lives. So, in this episode, I am going to discuss two main

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