There are 2 things that we absolutely know to be true about business:

  1. There are strong companies in every industry who will not only survive but thrive during times of uncertainty and
  2. Companies that plan for the future, especially when it comes to cash flow, perform better than those that don’t.

Those who are leading, planning and being proactive will thrive no matter the economic environment.

As the leader of your business, it is critical that you know your numbers, not only sales and expenses but have a practical and hands on understanding of your cash flow position. Every company’s financial situation is different and one solution will not work for everyone.

At Bissett Financial Fitness we specialize in showing Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Owners, Operators, Healthcare Practice Owners and CEOs who are ready to take charge of and grow their business and results, the skills needed to increase their financial acumen so they can confidently create the outcomes that they dream of for their lives and businesses.

Our 1:1 and group coaching programs have helped so many experience business growth, increased monetary compensation as well as clarity, confidence and calm when it comes to financial matters. Clients tell us they appreciate our ability to meet them where they are in their financial fitness journey, build on their foundation with quick wins and coach them forward so they can tackle their goals with confidence and decisiveness.

Our programs are designed for 6 to 7 figure range business owners who want to proactively change the way they are handling their money matters and navigate the current environment with success.

If you are an entrepreneur with sales at these levels and want to make informed, powerful money decisions, you are in the right place.

Our founder, Tracey Bissett, has always had her eye on money and how she could use it to accomplish the things she wanted. She’s a fan of the hustle and has always been driven to learn and share with others. Tracey has been an entrepreneur since she was a kid and is thrilled to be able to support entrepreneurs grow their businesses.  Being a champion and believer that understanding financial matters is a fundamental life skill inspires us to find new and straight forward ways to make money make sense and increase financial confidence. To that end here are a few ways we can work together:

  1. Invite me to speak to groups of entrepreneurs, small business leaders, business owners and CEOs.
  2. Watch the “Tracey Bissett – The Money Coach for Entrepreneurs” YouTube Channel dedicated to business content – catch new videos weekly here.
  3. Check out the financial fitness packages for entrepreneurs and business owners.
  4. Participate in the live and online financial coaching course offerings for entrepreneurs.

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Cash Control Bootcamp

To start a new venture or take yours to the next level requires you to understand the cash flow cycle and how to manage the cash flow in your business. To help you learn those critical skills I have developed the Cash Control Bootcamp. The Cash Control Bootcamp is an introductory live, online group program that empowers entrepreneurs just like you to demystify your business finances and get control of your money so you can sleep better and provide the lifestyle you want for you and your family. The Cash Control Bootcamp – Know Your Numbers, Protect your Business and Grow for the Future, is for you. 


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Meet Tracey Bissett

Tracey is an accomplished professional with 20 years of experience in the financial services industry working directly or indirectly with personal, commercial and corporate clients to help them achieve their financial goals. A demonstrated passion for increasing financial fitness coupled with lending and risk management experience led to the establishment of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

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What’s new at Bissett Financial Fitness


What’s new at Bissett Financial Fitness