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Tracey Bissett, CFA is a sought after speaker who does her best work supporting audiences that value financial fitness and are focused on business owners and operators, young adults or those that support them.

Presentation topics include personal finance, business finance, starting and growing a business, financial fitness as well as content creation. See below for more details.

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Entrepreneur Topics:

  • Why upscaling your money mindset MUST come before scaling your business
  • 5 Ways to Boost Profitability, 45 Minutes to Making More Money
  • Can I Afford it? 40 Minutes to Cash Flow Confidence

Young Adult:

  • How to go from Uber Broke to Uber Rich
  • Multiple Income Streams: How to start a business or side hustle
  • 5 Financial Fitness Tips for Young Millionaires in the Making

Content Creator:

  • It all started with a podcast; How Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. is Cultivating Loyal Fans and Clients
  • Exactly How to Create 2 Months of Podcast Episodes in 2 days
  • Why I love working in the podcast factory

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Meet Tracey Bissett

Tracey is an accomplished professional with 20 years of experience in the financial services industry working directly or indirectly with personal, commercial and corporate clients to help them achieve their financial goals. A demonstrated passion for increasing financial fitness coupled with lending and risk management experience led to the establishment of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

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