EP093 Guardian Angel Security with Petra Hakansson

Petra Hakansson is the managing director of Guardian Angel Security, a SheEO funded venture that supplies and monitors GPS panic button pendants that help protect lone workers in remote environments. Petra has worked in the GPS and security industries for more than a decade, developing lone worker solutions for government bodies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). Her previous roles include being a sales and marketing manager, account manager, and national sales manager for companies such as First Management Group Global Security and Inkworks Limited. 


Petra joins me today to share her journey of leaving the 9-to-5 behind to start her business venture. She reveals how she funded her start-up and the hard work and commitment needed to find success. She shares the traits that helped her build a business and the importance of communication and humility. Petra also discusses her money mindset and encourages young adults to have the confidence to take available opportunities.  




“It’s about knowing that you don’t know everything and being open to watch, listen, read, and learn from people around you.” – Petra Hakansson 




This Week on Young Money: 


  • How Petra left being a corporate slave behind and self-funded her business venture. 
  • Boot-strapping and funding growth through company revenue. 
  • Why being humble and setting high standards drives success. 
  • Why communication is vital to building a business and a brand. 
  • Switching your mindset from money being a reward to money being a tool to give you choices. 
  • How the customer fits into your business.  
  • Having the confidence to take risks and opportunities while you are young. 



Key takeaways: 


  1. Be open to learning.  
  2. Chase your dreams and pursue risks. 
  3. Hustle and make things happen. 


Connect with Petra Hakansson: 





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