EP028 Fund Your Education with Loyalty Points by Suzanne Tyson of HigherEdPoints

Suzanne Tyson has spent the majority of her career working in roles within the higher education and student funding sectors and is the founder of HigherEdPoints, the only company worldwide that allows parents and students to convert loyalty points into funds to pay for higher education. Due to the assistance she provides to students and parents with the tuition payments, Suzanne was chosen as 2017 Top 7 SheEO Canadian Funded Venture.

Suzanne joins me today to share how you can use your loyalty points to pay for your education. She explains how HigherEdPoints works, the other items these loyalty points can cover, and the significance of learning these financial lessons and teaching them to your children.


“In my younger years I used to think that you earn what you spend ? not the best strategy for the longer term.” – Suzanne Tyson


This Week on Young Money:

  • What HigherEdPoints is about
  • What prompted Suzanne to start this business
  • How students can use their funds aside from paying for tuition fees
  • Why contributing to RRSP as soon as she finished school and saving something for a rainy day are some of the things she wished she knew when she was younger
  • Which schools are included in the program
  • How parents and loved ones are made aware of this program
  • What SheEO is and what it does
  • What the “Middle Sixty” is about


Key Takeaways:

  • If you’re starting a business, you have to love the business that you’re starting and the people that you’re going to be working with or helping to carry you through the ups and downs.
  • It’s always great to look back on where you spent your money.
  • Save money during your younger years.
  • Never, ever carry a balance on your credit card.
  • A lot of financial learning comes from the parents by not making it a scary subject.


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