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Financial fitness is a journey. In the beginning, you start to learn about budgeting and saving, and as you progress along this journey, you come to a destination where you may have advanced financial awareness or even become a sophisticated investor. Whether you are at the start or somewhere in between, improving your financial fitness starts with education and resources such as the Young Money Podcast.


Today, we celebrate achieving 100 episodes of the Young Money Podcast by looking at our most popular shows. I share the valuable feedback we’ve received from our loyal listeners and how I use your feedback and comments to create new content for our show. I also share clips from our previous episodes that have gained the most traction and listener engagement since launching Young Money in 2017 as well as details of my upcoming workbook: The 12-Month Money Planner.


“Financial fitness falls along a spectrum.” – Tracey Bissett

This Week on Young Money:



The 12-Month Money Planner Teachings:


  1. Get out of student debt jail.
  2. Invest like Millionaires.
  3. Build your financial knowledge and confidence.

Resources Mentioned:


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