EP068 How to Work with Me in 2019

As young millionaires-in-the-making, it’s critically important to master the art and skill of managing your money and understanding your finances. Whether you’re a student, recent graduate or entrepreneur your financial literacy is key to building a future of financial success.


It’s the key that unlocks the feeling of freedom, empowerment, and financial fitness.


On today’s episode, I share how I help young adults and entrepreneurs unlock their financial fitness. I share how I work with young adults, parents, educators, financial institutions and entrepreneurs improve their financial literacy. I also share the various ways you can begin working with me in 2019 on your journey toward financial fitness.

“The mission of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. is to make the world a more prosperous, empowering, and financially fit place by advancing people and business owners into positions of financial knowledge, confidence, and power.” – Tracey Bissett

This Week on Young Money:


  • The mission of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. and my goal to increase the level of financial literacy for young adults and entrepreneurs.
  • My role at Centennial College and how I teach graduate and undergraduate students about the financial services sector.
  • How I leverage my prior experience in commercial banking, loan structuring, and risk management consulting with financial institutions and credit unions.
  • How I work with the Business Development Bank of Canada, private clients, small business owners, and entrepreneurs to increase their financial acumen.
  • Details of the upcoming launch of The Twelve-Month Money Planner for young millionaires-in-the-making.
  • The training that I offer for young adults, entrepreneurs and business owners.

How to Work with Me in 2019:


  1. Continue to listen to the Young Money podcast.
  2. Take advantage of The Twelve-Month Money Planner for Young Millionaires in the Making – coming soon!
  3. Invite me to speak to groups of young adults, entrepreneurs and young adult entrepreneurs.
  4. Check out my strategy packages for entrepreneurs and business owners.
  5. Stay tuned for live and online course offerings for young adults and entrepreneurs.

Resources Mentioned:

Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

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