EP024 Young, Fun and Financially Free with Leanna Haakons of Black Hawk Financial

Leanna Haakons is the founder of Black Hawk Financial, a firm specializing in helping clients increase brand awareness and revenue through marketing, communications, and educational services. She is a financial marketing and communications expert with over a decade of experience consulting numerous funds, private and public companies worldwide. Additionally, she is the author of the bestselling financial literacy book, Young, Fun, & Financially Free: Live the Good Life Now and Build a Kick-Ass Future, which was released in December 2017.

Leanna joins me today to share her mission to help finance experts use their expertise to educate their clients on financial literacy. She shares her experience as a young entrepreneur and explains the importance of networking, fostering relationships and being persistent. She also shares how her parents and granddad impacted her financial literacy skills and what motivated her to write her book.


“Think of money as a tool. You have to learn how to use it, make it and make it grow.” – Leanna Haakons

 This week on Young Money:

  • The keys to her success in the financial industry.
  • The importance of networking and fostering relationships.
  • How to connect with people that inspire you.
  • Her biggest financial turning points.
  • How her parents impacted her financial literacy skills.
  • Her biggest financial challenges.
  • What motivated her to write her bestselling book.
  • Debunking myths about investing.
  • Side hustle ideas for young millionaires-in-the-making.
  • Who inspires her the most regarding financial matters.

Resources Mentioned:



Key Takeaways:


  1. Foster relationships.
  2. Be persistent.
  3. Be open to learning new things.
  4. Be naturally curious.
  5. Be resilient.



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