EP081 Credit Canada Debt Solutions with Laurie Campbell

Laurie Campbell is the CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions Inc., the longest established non-profit credit counselling agency in Canada. Laurie is recognized as an expert in personal finance as well as an advocate for consumer protection. She is on the Board of Credit Counselling Canada and Chair of the Advocacy Committee. She is a former member of the Task Force on Financial Literacy and was the President of the Credit Association of Greater Toronto.


Laurie joins me today to share how Credit Canada Debt Solutions is helping people who are struggling with debt and managing their finances. She reveals the financial trends that are concerning many Canadians and the negative role that social media is having on people today. Laurie shares the four pillars of money management that form essential life skills and tips that will help you manage your finances and reduce the amount of stress that you may feel about your debt.


“By having a lifestyle plan that gives you some fun, but recognizes the need for savings and long-term goals, you’ll be able to realize the goals that you want.” – Laurie Campbell


This Week on Young Money:


  • The financial issues that Credit Canada Debt Solutions helps people with.
  • How perseverance has helped Laurie run a non-profit organization.
  • The financial trends that are concerning Canadians.
  • How social media misrepresents how people are really living.
  • The adverse effect of social media on those that are struggling financially.
  • The critical life skills being taught by Credit Canada.
  • The four pillars of money management.
  • How to protect yourself against fraud.
  • Tips on how to manage your finances and feel better about your debt.

Credit Canada Debt Solutions’ 4 Pillars of Money Management:


  1. Banking
  2. Use of Credit
  3. Budgeting and Money Management
  4. Fraud

Key takeaways:


  1. Recognize that you are not alone.
  2. Talk to your family or partner about your financial situation.
  3. Talk to a non-profit credit counseling service.

Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Laurie Campbell:


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