EP176 Spotlight on Young Money Scholarship Recipients Sharaf & Courtney

Joy and inspiration are always welcome, and what could be better than a spotlight episode on two of the Young Money Scholarship recipients? In this episode, post secondary students Sharaf Khan and Courtney Clayton share great financial tips for success, what their post secondary experiences have been like, and how these scholarships have impacted their lives.

Listen in as Sharaf and Courtney describe their experiences so that we can learn from what is—and isn’t—working from them. Sharaf talks about setting goals and accomplishing things that others don’t, while Courtney shares one of her big goals and important advice for other millionaires in the making.

“Leave with the least amount of debt possible.” – Courtney Clayton

This Week on Young Money:

  • How scholarships have impacted the lives of these students.
  • How to stay focused on your career or business.
  • The importance of giving yourself downtime.
  • How to stand out from the crowd when creating a business.
  • How to be successful as a business person.

Key takeaways:

  1. Leave with little debt.
  2. Cut out distractions.
  3. Become skilled at what you’re interested in.
  4. Adapt to change.

Connect with Courtney Clayton:

Connect with Sharaf Khan:

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