EP048 Increasing Access to Post Secondary Education with Shelley Clayton

Shelley Clayton is the Director, Financial Aid at the University of New Brunswick’s Fredericton Campus. In this role, she has helped hundreds of students – nationally as well as in the Atlantic region – to obtain funding for their post-secondary education through Student Services and Student Financial Assistance. She is a representative on the Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA), the Atlantic Association of College and University Student Services (AACUSS), and the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) Boards. Between 2014-2016, Shelley was a member of the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy. She is passionate about improving access to post-secondary education for all interested students by helping them remove any financial barriers.


Shelley joins me today to share how she helps post-secondary education students obtain funding. She explains how her personal experience has impacted her decision to help students increase their access to post-secondary education. She also shares tips for post-secondary students and parents on how to plan their student loan funding, what students can do to stand out while competing for scholarships, and how putting effort into your scholarship essays can impact your ability to be awarded the scholarship.


“Use the opportunities that don’t cost you anything and are going to give you opportunities to build your resume and make you stand out.” – Shelley Clayton



This Week on Young Money:


  • How Shelley helps post-secondary students obtain scholarships and funding to pay for their education.
  • How Shelley’s personal experience with funding her post-secondary education led to her successful career.
  • Shelley’s biggest financial turning point.
  • The importance of parents talking with their children about money, finance, and debt.
  • Tips for parents of post-secondary students.
  • Why it is critical that parents and students talk with experts to help them plan for how they will pay for post-secondary education.
  • The importance of taking your scholarship letter and essay seriously and how it impacts your ability to obtain a scholarship.
  • The most memorable success story of Shelley’s career.
  • How Shelley’s parents became her biggest financial inspirations.



Shelley Clayton’s Tips for Increasing Access to Post-Secondary Education:


  1. Plan and prepare early.
  2. Talk to experts.
  3. Take advantage of volunteer and leadership opportunities that are available.
  4. Use the power of volume and apply for many scholarships.
  5. Do your budgeting ahead.


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