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Entrepreneurs: Are you airing your dirty laundry in public? Your financial dirty laundry?

How many times have you said this to a client who hasn’t paid you? “I really need the money, even if you can give me part of the payment it would be great. I really need to pay insert YOUR reason here (my employees, my suppliers or my rent is due) and so if you could get me some money you’d be saving me”. The tone is desperate and pleading; there’s no denying that you are begging for the money.

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Budgeting to Land Your Next Role After Job Loss

Hours after losing my job as a big company junior executive, I called my new outplacement counsellor, ready to jump into a new role. I soon learned it’s called a career transition for a reason: you can’t just fast-forward through the job loss process.

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Maximizing Your Severance After a Job Loss

Two years after toasting my promotion to junior executive, I was suddenly out of work, stressed and trying to piece together what just happened. Termination letter in hand, my eye zoomed down the page to find the dollar sign. There it was. The severance payment was the largest lump sum of money I’d ever received, yet I was already sweating over down-the-road mortgage payments.

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