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7 Ways To Manage Financial Stress During Trying Times

The year 2020 has been eventful to say the least. If you haven’t been directly affected financially by the economic disruption, there’s a decent chance you know someone who has. Considering the current unemployment rate, shutdowns, and rising federal debt, it’s understandable that you may be feeling stressed about your finances. It may even be causing you to lose sleep. Here are some ways that you can manage your financial stress during trying times.

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Podcast - Podcasting

How to Grow Your Podcast

Already, podcasting is considered to be one of the hottest content marketing trends right now. Plus, with more than 3 billion downloads a month, over 100 million Americans who listen to podcasts monthly (and nearly three-quarters of them listening weekly), it’s clear that podcast listeners are here to stay and, in fact, multiply. 

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Wealthsimple adds ‘risky’ label to certain stocks

Alongside GameStop shares, BlackBerry stocks also carry a warning. A rollercoaster week of trading for investors in GameStop, BlackBerry and other hot stocks has resulted in trading bans, warning labels for certain stocks and questions over both fairness and systemic risk in the financial system.

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Stock mania raises questions about rules and risk

A statement from Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada said the regulator is “concerned” about the impact the increased volatility may be having on some investors, pointing to its use of single-stock circuit breakers, which “are designed to give the market a pause” when a stock moves suddenly.

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Small Business Growth Tips

Ultimate Small Business Growth Tips

Even if you’ve only just started your entrepreneurial journey, it’s natural to contemplate small business growth. After all, no one opens a business without the intention to scale.

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Day Trading

As thousands of Canadians flock to day trading during lockdown, experts urge caution

Bissett says that first-time investors sometimes jump right to investing without doing the basics. She advises people to consider the timeline they’re saving for — going back to school or a down payment may be near-term goals that can be financed through a special RRSP lifelong learning or homebuying plan, while other goals like retirement may be farther out and require more