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Day Trading

As thousands of Canadians flock to day trading during lockdown, experts urge caution

Bissett says that first-time investors sometimes jump right to investing without doing the basics. She advises people to consider the timeline they’re saving for — going back to school or a down payment may be near-term goals that can be financed through a special RRSP lifelong learning or homebuying plan, while other goals like retirement may be farther out and require more of an invest-and-hold approach.

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Tracey Bissett - financially fit

“Wait! Are You and Your Business Financially fit?”

Today is the last day of your lease. As you look back into your empty office, you remembered the excitement when your business first launched. You were full of excitement and energy. You really thought your idea would disrupt the industry. “What happened?” You asked yourself, “It was going so well, what did I do wrong? When did I run out of money? Why can’t I succeed in starting my business?”

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Tax Refund 2020 The Star

Many Canadians will qualify for a tax refund this year after working from home. Here’s how to apply.

Finance expert Brian Quinlan says workers should be communicating with their employers, especially if working from home is becoming a more long-term solution. It’s always better if your employer reimburse you for home office expenses instead of having to claim them and hope for a return, he says. Tracey Bissett, a financial coach with Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., agreed. She said it’s possible there are reimbursements available that your employer hasn’t communicated to you.

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How to Master Project Cash Flow Analysis

A project cash flow forecast includes cost estimates for a project, as well as a schedule of when you will incur those costs. This forecast also displays the project’s revenue and a schedule of when you will receive that revenue. Here are some helpful recommendations for tracking project expenses: Create a Forecast Calendar: Organize your forecast according to the various phases of a project, and then fill in the particulars about your work breakdown structure (WBS) for each phase. In

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The star article with Tracey Bissett

Working from home due to the pandemic? You’re eligible for a big tax break — here’s how to get it

While many employees are saving money on transit costs or the price of lunches, they are accumulating other expenses, such as desks and ergonomic chairs, printers and scanners, paper and ink. There may also be other costs: courier services and increased data and electricity usage at home, for example. Tracey Bissett, says that “not all employees are paying the increased costs of working from home out-of-pocket. “Some people are getting a flat benefit from their employer to improve their physical

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