EP108 Zen Money Map with Liz Lajoie

Liz Lajoie is the strategist, CFO, and founder of Zen Money and the Zen Money Initiative™. She is the author of Zen Money Map and From Zero to Zen, which help small business owners and entrepreneurs master their money and grow thriving businesses. Liz has two decades of experience assisting multi-million-dollar firms with their strategic development and financial management. She has been featured on Women Inspired TV and the currently hosts Zen Money Monday, a weekly podcast on building profitable businesses for mission-driven entrepreneurs.


Liz joins me today to share the scoop on her latest book, Zen Money Map. She reveals the inspiration for writing the book and how entrepreneurs can develop positive feelings surrounding their money. Liz shares how business owners can create positive money flow and why they need to think of their future selves. She highlights the benefits of monthly money reviews and looking at the full money picture.


“The more you learn – and the more you learn about what works for you – then that pit in your stomach goes away and you’re left feeling more confident and satisfied with the money you’re making and where you put it.” – Liz Lajoie


This Week on Young Money:


  • The inspiration for writing Zen Money Map.
  • How to develop positive feelings around money.
  • How our health and sense of well-being are linked to helping others.
  • How businesses can create positive money flow.
  • Why entrepreneurs need to make a plan to pay themselves.
  • Why entrepreneurs should be focused on “the full money picture.”
  • How monthly money reviews give you control and help you feel empowered.

Key takeaways:


  1. Good feelings are associated with positive money flow.
  2. Entrepreneurs need to focus on paying themselves and making that sustainable.
  3. Focus on the full money picture.

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