EP095 From Zero to Zen with Liz Lajoie

Liz Lajoie is the Zen Money Strategist & CFO, and founder of the Zen Money Initiative. She is the author of From Zero to Zen: Secret Keys to Nurturing Your Numbers and Finding Financial Flow, which helps entrepreneurs and small business owners master their money and make more of it. She has a Masters of Business Administration from Plymouth State University and has two decades of experience in financial management. Additionally, she is the host of the weekly Zen Money Monday podcast and has been featured on Women Inspired TV.


Liz joins me today to share her money management philosophy and what inspired her to write her book: From Zero to Zen. She explains the first steps you should take when developing a business in its early stages and highlights the common missteps that entrepreneurs make throughout their journey. She also shares why it is crucial to truly understand your numbers and why it is critical to communicate with your accountant and speak up if you don’t understand the financial language they use.


“It’s not just about recording numbers for the sake of recording numbers. It’s what we do with them once we have them.” – Liz Lajoie


This Week on Young Money:


  • Why it’s vital to be flexible, see an opportunity, and take advantage of it.
  • Why you need to talk and learn about money management.
  • The inspiration for writing Zero to Zen.
  • The first financial things to consider when starting and developing a business.
  • Why you need to look at your numbers and check your progress.
  • The mistakes and missteps that entrepreneurs often make.
  • The risks of not communicating with your accountant.
  • Why it’s vital to question the financial language if you don’t understand it. 
  • What a money mindset is and how to assess it.
  • What cash flow is and how you should manage it.

Key takeaways:


  1. Use the discomfort that you have, move through it, and get to a place where you are okay.
  2. Be aware of where you are at, know what stage your business is at in the business lifecycle and what cash flow looks like at that stage.
  3. Have a routine for checking your numbers.
  4. Take notice of the numbers and ask for as much help as you need.
  5. Be kind to yourself.

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