EP107 Milli Moves: You Asked & Hilda Gan Answered

Hilda Gan is the President and Founder of People Bright Consulting, a company known for delivering custom human resource solutions. Hilda is an HR consultant, trainer, and keynote speaker, and combines her business acumen, business ownership experience, and HR expertise to help organizations build the foundation to successfully hire, retain, and engage employees. She is the creator of the Connect with REVUP™ Program, a program that trains, mentors, and coaches executives to develop their people management skills. Hilda is also passionate about working with young adults through her Leadership/Management Training Program.


Hilda joins me today to answer the questions that young millionaires in the making and Young Money listeners have asked. She reveals how you can stimulate your creative mind at work and the benefits of volunteering and taking advantage of company mentor programs. Hilda shares the approach you should take to deal with a problematic manager and how to handle workplace harassment. She also shares what you should do if you lose your job and the importance of having a contingency fund in place.


“If you have a mentor program in your company, take advantage of it.” – Hilda Gan


This Week on Young Money:


  • How to manage your creative mind at work.
  • Balancing what you want to do and have to do at work.
  • The benefits of volunteering.
  • How to tell your manager that you want to do more.
  • Why you should take advantage of mentor programs.
  • How to deal with a difficult manager or workplace harassment.
  • What you should do if you lose your job.
  • The difference between job termination and a layoff.
  • Contingency funds, severance, and financial steps to take if you lose your job.

Key takeaways:


  1. Take advantage of volunteer and mentor programs.
  2. Have a contingency fund in place.
  3. Respectful, professional and ongoing communication is key. 

Resources Mentioned:


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