EP126 Love and Money: 3 Keys to Success

Love and money play a prominent role in your life, and to find happiness and security, you will need to know how to integrate them in your life. Relationships can be complicated when money is involved. This is true not only for romantic relationships but any relationship you have, including those with family and friends. If you are in debt or saving for a goal, you will find your path by recognizing the keys to success.


Today, I share three keys to success in love and money. I share why communication is a vital component to easing your financial fears, setting goals, and achieving your dreams. I highlight how to avoid money misunderstandings and the value of support and problem-solving together. I share how keeping secrets and not telling the truth will only lead to further stress and anxiety and encourage you to find support and assistance through financial professionals.


“It becomes infinitely easier to solve problems when you have the support of the most important people in your life.” – Tracey Bissett


This Week on Young Money:


  • Why it is important to communicate your financial feelings, goals, fears, and plans
  • Avoiding financial misunderstandings
  • The value of problem-solving together and finding support
  • The importance of telling the truth and avoiding keeping secrets
  • Why you should consider consulting with professionals for financial assistance

The 3 keys to success:


  1. Communicate
  2. Problem-solve together
  3. Tell the truth

Resources Mentioned:


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