EP125 Adulting 101: Learn How to WIN at the Credit Game with Richard Moxley

Richard Moxley is the founder of The Credit Game, an organization helping Canadians improve and fix their credit scores. He is a best-selling author and recently published The Credit Game: Rules Every Canadian Must Know to Win. He began his career as a mortgage agent before transitioning to help people get out of debt. Richard is a sought-after professional speaker and has been featured in The Globe and Mail, CTV, Global TV, and CBC Market Report. He was the Financial Literacy Leader of the Year in 2015 and 2016 and studied finance and economics at Mount Royal University.


Richard joins me today to explain how you can win at the credit game – and have some fun along the way. He shares the basis for his recent book and highlights why it is vital to continue to learn about your finances. Richard shares why you should take responsibility for your credit report and how you can get a free copy of your credit file. He highlights the factors that affect your credit score, who might use your credit score, and why your score may fluctuate or change quickly.


“The credit score itself is just a by-product of what is happening on your credit report.” – Richard Moxley


This Week on Young Money:


  • The inspiration for writing The Credit Game
  • Putting a focus on the action steps to take to always have good credit
  • Why continued learning about finance is vital
  • How Equifax and TransUnion create credit scores
  • Why you should take responsibility and check your credit file
  • How to get your credit report
  • How active credit, credit limits, and keeping a balance/debt affect your score
  • Who uses your credit report, including those you wouldn’t expect
  • Why your credit score fluctuates or changes quickly

Key takeaways:


  1. Your credit score is just a by-product of what’s happening on your credit report
  2. Try not to focus only on the number
  3. It is important to fix any errors on your credit report
  4. Know that it is your responsibility
  5. Your credit score moves and changes 

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