EP022 How to Land and Excel at Your Dream Job with Hilda Gan

Hilda Gan is an HR specialist, mentor, entrepreneur, and the Founder and Chief People Officer of People Bright Consulting where she combines her knowledge of human resources with business acumen and experience as a business owner. Prior to establishing this new venture, Hilda and her husband built an award-winning transportation engineering consulting company that grew from a staff of two people to 125 working in seven offices across Canada. It gained numerous awards including Top 10 in the 50 Best Workplaces in Canada for two consecutive years and Top 10 in the Small to Medium Size Employers.

Hilda joins me on this episode to share how to identify and land your dream job, negotiate a great compensation package and how to excel in your new role. She shares the elements you need to think about when you sell your achievements during a job interview, how to assess and decide which job is the right fit for you, and how to be a rockstar employee.


“Sell your assets. Tell your achievements.” – Hilda Gan


This Week on Young Money:

  • Factors that have led to Hilda’s success to date
  • Her biggest financial challenge
  • Why she and her husband educated themselves about money
  • Tips on how to identify and land your dream job
  • How to write your resume
  • Critical things employers look for in every employee
  • How to see if a company is fair and cares about their employees
  • How to assess a compensation package – important to assess all of the other benefits in addition to the salary
  • Sites you can use to check out company salaries – Glassdoor and Payscale


Key Takeaways:

  • Find your passion.
  • Building a company’s success is through their people.
  • Try to get into the right company rather than one that treats you like a commodity.
  • Do your research about the company before your interview.
  • Have faith that when you show your worth, the financial benefit is going to show up as well.
  • Rockstar employees communicate well, deliver beyond expectations and are engaged.


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