EP063 Money Mindfulness with Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse is a millennial money expert, host of the Mo’ Money Podcast, and the founder of Millennial Money Meetup, a financial literacy event for young Canadian adults. She is an Accredited Financial Counselor Canada®, a public speaker, an award-winning finance blogger and appears as a regular guest on CTV’s Mind the Gap. Additionally, she is frequently featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, Yahoo Finance, and Metro News. 


Jessica joins me today to share how she helps people in financial debt to build their financial confidence and improve their money mindfulness. She explains what Money Mindfulness is and highlights the six steps of her Money Mindfulness Challenge. She also shares her experiences of tracking finances and adjusting her spending habits and explains how many millennials are following a new trend of shopping minimalism. 



“Once you educate yourself, you arm yourself with that knowledge. You also then get rid of this crazy anxiety and fear that so many people feel.” – Jessica Moorhouse 




This Week on Young Money: 


  • Her journey into financial literacy advocacy. 
  • How she helps people work through financial debt and build financial confidence through advocacy and personal finance counseling. 
  • What is money mindfulness and why is it important for people to track their money and introduce new financial spending habits.  
  • How millennials are moving away from the idea of consumerism and moving towards a trend of minimalism, shopping detox, and owning only the things that they need or love. 
  • The six steps of the Money Mindfulness Challenge. 
  • How to gain financial clarity by calculating your net worth. 
  • What it’s like to take the Money Mindfulness Challenge and the changes you will feel in your life. 
  • Tips for making money mindfulness a habit in your life.  
  • How Jessica’s new course “Investing Foundations for Canadians” helps you easily understand how to start investing.  



The 6 Steps of the Money Mindfulness Challenge: 


  1. Make a plan for your finances – consistently track your spending and your net worth.  
  2. Look at your spending to find your problem areas.  
  3. Get a post-it and write down the top three things that you overspend on. 
  4. Delete any investment apps on your phone. 
  5. Check your credit score. 
  6. Join Jessica’s Facebook group. 



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