EP064 The Magic of Sercy with Emmy Roberts

Emmy Roberts is the Co-Founder of Sercy LLC, a company that curates gifts online to spread kindness ‘one gift at a time.’ She is responsible for the marketing strategy and social media platforms for the company and works closely with suppliers and small businesses that share the company’s mission. Initially starting as an intern, Emmy works with the Product Development team of E by Design, a home textile print-on-demand company. In 2020, Emmy expects to graduate from the Queens University of Charlotte with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. She is also a Young Elite and completed the Young Elites Leadership Summit, a program that helps young women build confidence, leadership skills, and life skills.


Emmy joins me today to share her passion for kindness and Sercy’s mission for spreading more kindness throughout the world. She describes the business model used to create the company and how being open to new opportunities to gain experience has contributed to her success. She shares the challenges she faced regarding finances and learning how to budget as well as the lessons she has learned on what to do and – not do – when undertaking your first entrepreneurial endeavor. She also explains the Kindness Experiment and shares how you can nominate someone important to you for a kindness gift.

“If you’re not really kind to yourself, it’s really hard to be kind to other people. Kindness – a lot of times – starts with you.” – Emmy Roberts

This Week on Young Money:


  • Sercy’s business model, ethos, and how the company got started.
  • The key factors that have led to her career success.
  • The financial challenges that she has faced regarding budgeting and money management.
  • What “sercy” means. (Hint: It is not Cersei from Game of Thrones)
  • What the Kindness Experiment is and how you can participate.
  • How Emmy learned about business fees, costs, and insurance from her entrepreneurial mother.
  • The importance of being passionate about your business as a new entrepreneur.
  • The importance of overcoming fear and taking risks.
  • Why it’s critical for entrepreneurs to know their finances and do their research.
  • How being kind to yourself can impact the world around you.


Key takeaways:


  1. Take the opportunities presented to you – be unapologetically bold!
  2. Love what you are doing – put your full self into it.
  3. Know what you want to do and research it.
  4. Make sure you know your numbers.
  5. Be smart about using the money that you make.
  6. For spreading kindness: kindness starts with you, do 1 small act a day and the little things go a long way.

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