EP012 The Financial Cost of Comparisonitis with Rachel Brownlow Lund

Rachel Brownlow Lund is the founder of Me 2 Lead, a coaching organization that empowers ambitious millennial women to become well connected influencers and create incredible lives of impact. A passionate communicator and leadership coach, Rachel helps young women overcome feelings of ‘compare and despair’ and ‘I’m not there yet’ to become career-savvy change-makers who work, play and lead in their zone of genius. Over the years she has helped dozens of millennial women and men establish lucrative career advancement opportunities, win thousands of dollars in earned grant money and secure key recommendations that move the needle forward.


On today’s episode, Rachel shares her story of how she got into coaching, and why she does what she does. She shares the steps she took that set her up for success and explains what comparisonitis is and how it can affect your financial goals. We also discuss the benefits of mentors, her biggest turning point, and what she wished she would have known at a younger age.


“If you keep in mind what you’re seeing is someone’s highlight reel, that can help with managing your expectations.” – Rachel Brownlow Lund


This Week on Young Money:


  • The importance and power of networking, mentors and sponsors
  • Her biggest turning point and the impact it had
  • The importance of budgeting and the freedom it provides
  • The cost of comparisonitis and when it starts
  • The role social media plays in comparisons and expenditures (ie: instaworthy and ootd)
  • How to recognize if you are suffering from comparisonitis


Resources Mentioned:



Key Takeaways:


  • Budgets provide freedom, when adhered to you can have everything you want
  • Worth is something that should be internal rather than external
  • Actively practice gratitude


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