EP282 Love & Money: Financial Infidelity

Have you ever lied to your partner about money? Or have you ever suspected your partner of not being truthful about their finances? Financial infidelity is a prevalent issue in relationships, and it’s time to start talking about it. In this episode, I discuss what financial infidelity is, the reasons people lie about money in relationships, and how to identify if it’s happening in your relationship.

I also cover the importance of transparency regarding finances with your spouse and what you can do if you suspect financial infidelity. Listen in to learn how to build a recovery plan with your spouse and move forward with positive changes in your financial relationship. Let’s break the silence on financial infidelity and empower ourselves to take control of our financial relationship.

“We need to be transparent with our partners.” – Tracey Bissett

This Week on Young Money:

• What financial infidelity is.

• What pushes people to lie to their partners about money.

• How to identify financial infidelity.

• What you can do if you suspect financial infidelity.

• The importance of transparency when it comes to finances with your spouse.

• How to address financial infidelity if you’re the one with the financial issues.

• The value of setting monthly budgets and having weekly money meetings.

Key takeaways:

1. Don’t keep financial secrets from your partner.

2. Discuss any financial issues you may be having with your partner.

3. Create monthly budgets.

4. Move forward with positive changes.

5. Build a recovery plan.

6. Have weekly money meetings.

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