EP215 Detecting Deception and Understanding Body Language with Lena Sisco

Lena Sisco is a former Department of Defense (DoD) certified Military Interrogator and Naval Intelligence Officer who served in the Global War on Terror. In 2013, Lena started her own company called The Congruency Group to offer specialized consulting and training services. Today Lena joins the show to discuss body language and the power of being able to detect deception, as well as some helpful tips for us to use in our personal and professional lives.

Listen in as Lena shares several examples of how to build trust with someone in order to get the truth. You will learn how to set the tone of a meeting simply through your body language, how to make a stronger connection with someone, and why we should never jump to conclusions.

“When you can connect with people, that’s when they start to trust you. That’s when the guard goes down.” – Lena Sisco

This Week on Young Money:

  • What we can learn from others’ body language.
  • How to tell if someone is lying.
  • How to build trust with someone in order to get the truth.
  • The best way to validate our observations to make sure we aren’t jumping to conclusions.
  • How you can feel empowered to move forward after deception has happened.
  • How to strengthen your connection to someone.
  • The importance of letting your body language remain natural.

Key takeaways:

  1. Be mindful of your body language.
  2. Communication is a combination of verbal and non-verbal.
  3. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  4. Talk with your hands.
  5. Have open conversations.
  6. Let people know how you feel.
  7. Be confident in yourself.

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