EP113 – Milli Moves: How to Pay for Postsecondary Education Before, During and After School with Suzanne Tyson

Suzanne Tyson is the founder of Higher Ed Points, the world’s first company to enable loyalty points conversions, from anyone, into funds for higher education. Higher Ed Points has funded over $1.7-Million in student tuition fees and loan repayments. Suzanne has a 30-year career, of which half has been spent in higher education and student funding. In 2017, she was selected as a Top 7 SheEO Canadian Funded Venture. In 2019 she was one of the Regional Finalists for the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge and a Top 5 Finalist in the TELUS PITCH.


Suzanne joins me today to share tips on how to pay for postsecondary school. She shares essential information on the cost of tuition and living expenses as well as how to narrow down what you want to study and where. Suzanne highlights why it is vital to talk to family about who is going to fund your education, early on. She also shares how you can save money by using on-campus and online resources and the benefits of securing a part-time job with a franchised brand. 


“Knowing what it is going to cost you is the first step in planning.” – Suzanne Tyson


This Week on Young Money:


  • How students can redeem anyone’s points for tuition fees or loan repayments
  • The average cost of tuition each year
  • Why it is vital in higher education to study something that interests you
  • Why gap years can be meaningful
  • Resources to narrow down what and where you want to study
  • Why it’s vital to talk to your family about who is funding education
  • How to find scholarship programs
  • Why you should seek help from career services and financial aid services
  • The optimal number of hours to work per week while studying full-time
  • Why you should start paying off student loans as soon as possible
  • How you can save thousands of dollars by seeing your academic advisors

Key takeaways:


  1. Use the resources available to you
  2. Prepare your finances
  3. Focus on your job of being a student

Resources Mentioned:


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