EP061 Bstellar with Stacey Ann Berry

Stacey Ann Berry is the founder and CEO of Bstellar Consulting Group, an organization dedicated to helping individuals, private companies, and non-profit organizations develop the soft skills and community they need to thrive in business through interactive workshops and consulting services. She is a published author and highly sought-after speaker who has presented engaging and inspiring keynotes at world-renowned institutions such as Ryerson University, York University’s Schulich School of Business, and the University of Toronto as well as a virtual presentation for SheEO World’s Online Learning Lab.  


Stacey has received multiple awards and recognition for her excellent services and support, including the Outstanding Contribution to Student Experience Award by York University, the Women of Courage – Young Leaders Award by the Endless Possibilities and Hope Development Organization, and one of the top 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women.


Stacey joins me today to share her journey as an “accidental entrepreneur.” She explains the importance of nurturing relationships, being prepared, persistence and staying open to learning new skills. She also shares how she helps entrepreneurs and organizational leaders develop communities and manage large projects, her biggest financial revelations, and why she believes community service and volunteering helps you add value, build your legacy, and allows you to build a meaningful life.



“Giving back is a good way to add value and meaning to your life. It’s also a good way to utilize your skills.” – Stacey Ann Berry




This Week on Young Money:


  • What inspired her to start Bstellar.
  • The community development and project management aspects of her company.
  • The success principles that have helped her accomplish her goals.
  • Her most significant revelations regarding her finances.
  • Why community service, giving back, and volunteering are important to her.  
  • The key pillars of community work, volunteering, and keeping people engaged.
  • How to find your passion and give back to humanity.
  • The release of her new book and what inspired her to write it.  



Stacey Ann Berry’s Success Principles:


  1. Be persistent and follow-up.
  2. Be prepared. Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready.
  3. Nurture relationships and give without expectation.



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