EP018 Cashflow Cookbook with Gordon Stein

Gordon Stein is the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Pronto Forms, a leading workflow automation company. Prior to his current role, he headed the Enterprise, Education & Technical Consulting teams and lead the Apple IBM Partnership for Apple Canada.  He has served on the Dean’s Advisory Council of the Engineering Faculty of Western University and is a former Governor of the Crescent School as well as the Western University Alumni Association.

Gordon is the author of Cashflow Cookbook, a new kind of personal finance book that provides readers with 60 easy-to-follow financial recipes to help them add between $700,000 to over $2-Million of wealth, with minimal sacrifice, over the course of 10 years.

Gordon joins me today to share what inspired him to write his book, Cashflow Cookbook, and how the simple idea of saving money on monthly car washes has led him on a mission to help people discover unique strategies to save money and build wealth. Cashflow Cookbook has a savings track for both singles and families so that everyone can reap the rewards. He also shares why he believes it’s better to track your net worth rather than focusing exclusively on your budget and shares tips on how you can begin saving money today to build your net worth.


“The key is to lock in those savings into something that’s going to be productive to help you build your net worth.” – Gordon Stein


This Week on Young Money:

  • Why identifying what you’re truly passionate about and excel at is critical to your success
  • Identifying what the world needs – and how you can serve this need
  • His biggest financial turning point
  • Why he advises young adults to focus on building their net worth
  • What he wishes he knew about finances sooner in life
  • The main focus of his book and how it helps readers build net worth
  • How often you should review and track your net worth progress
  • The importance of reducing recurring expenses


Resources Mentioned:


Key Takeaways:

  1. Track your net worth regularly.
  2. Learn everything you can about money and investing.
  3. Reduce recurring expenses.



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