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We focus on providing young adults with a break down of financial matters in a way that makes sense, so they can understand them AND implement new “fit financial” practices.

Our Audience

Our listeners are young adults and people who care about them. They are looking for personal stories, inspiration, highly practical tools, tactics and strategies as well as “insider secrets” that can help them successfully navigate their financial lives.

We launch 1 new episode each week, which include interviews with experts or fellow millionaires in the making and micro-trainings led by host Tracey Bissett. You are one of these special guests and I can’t wait to highlight you to our audience of millionaires in the making!


We may already have you booked in, but if not, the interview booking link is below. Podcast Interviews are in the EST time zone. If you cannot find a time that suits your timezone, please email admin@bissettfinancialfitness.com and we will find a solution.


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When will your episode be published?

Usually within 3-6 weeks of recording, but all depends on our publication schedule. We promote our guest interview episodes heavily on social media, in order to ensure our guests receive maximum exposure, and to share their insight as broadly as possible. We will notify you via email, with your unique artwork graphic and direct links so you can share the episode with your own community through social media and your newsletter. We ask that our guests also promote their interview both internally within their organizations, as well as via social media. 

Thanks again for investing your time and sharing your story and expertise – there are so many millionaires in the making waiting to hear from you!


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