EP002 Out of the Mouths of Young Money Masters

Welcome back to the Young Money podcast the advice show for young millionaires-in-the-making. In this episode, I’m speaking with seven young money masters, ranging in ages from as young as 7 to as old as 16, and from various parts of Canada.

These youth and young adults share their honest opinions and insightful answers to several key money-related questions. We discuss where money comes from, what an income means to them, how they use their money or allowance, and much more.


This Week on Young Money:

  • Does money grow on trees?
  • How these youth and young adults spend their money
  • What “earning an income” means
  • How much money youth and young adults believe is needed to live
  • Whether or not they dream of becoming millionaires
  • How youth and young adults perceive millionaires
  • Perspectives on the difference between a want and a need
  • What young adults consider as an expense
  • What young adults believe they need to save for as they enter adulthood



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