EP111 Milli Moves: Talk Money To Me with Kelley Keehn

Kelley Keehn is a personal finance educator, speaker, media personality, and a bestselling, award-winning author of ten books, including her newest book, Talk Money to Me, available in bookstores on December 17th. Kelley is the Consumer Advocate for FP Canada and serves on several non-profit boards and government committees. She was the host of W Network’s Burn My Mortgage and the personal finance authority on The Marilyn Denis Show for seven years.


Kelley joins me today to share her inspiration for writing the Talk Money to Me book. She explains the reasons why financial literacy is still a problem in Canada and shares how social media creates false economic perceptions. Kelley shares several money-moves that everyone can make to increase their financial fitness. She also highlights financial mistakes to avoid and how slowing down your decision-making process on big purchases can help you make better choices.


Understanding that your ability to earn an income in your life is the most valuable asset that you have. ” – Kelley Keehn


This Week on Young Money:


  • How a drive to help Canadians feel good about money inspired Kelley to write the Talk Money to Me book
  • Three reasons why financial fitness is still a problem for Canadians
  • How social media creates false financial perceptions of others
  • The philosophy of ‘what you appreciate, appreciates’ tactic in your finances
  • The financial moves to make before you start to save
  • The financial missteps and irrational money moves to avoid
  • Slowing down your buying-decision process to avoid making mistakes
  • Cultivating a balanced approach to being happy and wealthy

Key takeaway:


  • Shut out the noise of social media and comparisons to others. 
  • Think about financial management as a daily commitment – it is not a one-time thing. 
  • Stop and think before making big purchase decisions.
  • Understand that your self worth does NOT equal your net worth.

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