EP035 How to Prepare for a Side Hustle with Jeet Banerjee

Jeet Banerjee is a serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, digital marketing consultant, and the creator of The Income Incubator, an online academy for those who want to be online entrepreneurs and business owners. At 17, he started his first business, and by the age of 25, he had successfully launched over ten businesses and sold two companies at a profit. Currently, he helps other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their dreams while building highly successful businesses.

Jeet joins me today to share strategies to help you successfully prepare for a side hustle and why he attributes his success to perseverance. He shares the lessons he has learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey regarding what wealthy people do and where you should not invest your money. He also shares the most significant revelation he discovered as a young entrepreneur as well as some essential and practical tips on how to get ready to launch a side business.

“There’s never going to be a perfect time. Life NEVER gets easier. You’re always going to have time issues, or money issues, or experience issues, or big things happening in your life. But just start right now if you’re really serious about being an entrepreneur. Just take massive action and just do it.” – Jeet Banerjee

This Week on Young Money:

  • What is a serial entrepreneur
  • The big turning point in his life from a financial perspective
  • Why wealthy people invest in assets
  • How he was inspired by his entrepreneur father to start a business and keep going
  • How commitment determines the success or failure of your business
  • How you can manage your schedule once you start working on your side business
  • The significance of knowing the monthly finances you need when establishing your short-term and long-term plan
  • Why you need to avoid comparing yourself with other entrepreneurs and start doing things at your own pace
  • Why Warren Buffett inspires him

Key Takeaways:

  • Never let obstacles and challenges define you and be the end of your road.
  • If you want to start a side business, you have to be very committed.
  • Be realistic in planning your schedule.
  • Assess your finances so you know what you can afford.
  • Don’t be in a rush.
  • Outsource your areas of weakness.
  • Only invest in things that you know.

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